Tuesday, July 15, 2008

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It seems that people are getting in to the fitness bandwagon. I got friends who are really training hard. Their reasons might not be the same as mine. Still it is really nice to know that people are really taking time to find the health nut in them.
BTW I will have a friendly boxing competition BY AUGUST WITH JULY. I know it sound a little awkward and funny???!!! ""
By his emails he is really prepped up. He got good wushu gym, a sparing partner and a mentor. Take a look at his photo ops.

My Boxing Opponent (in midnight shades)

Well I also got mine. I got a gym to workout on. And a internet based trainor with a support group.
Best of all workouts can also be done at home.

For those who are having a hard time looking for good program check out the vids.


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eight said...

Ako ang ka match ni Zer'nan!!!

8/17 Today PRACTICE : Key Event > Contact Box Punching had Begun!!!
*Mas nakakapagod pala kasya tumakbo ng 50km
*Got two sparing in one night : 1 pure boxing & 1 kick boxing
*I was knock down twice in kick boxing : ang lakas at ang bilis, Huluan nyo kung sino? The Master himself
...a one time national champion in China
*Pinabagsak nya ako thru combi of straight punch in the face sabay uplift sidekick ; these happens when i got series of puching points in his faces dami nanood kaya ginamitan ako ng ultimatum..hehehe
*In boxing sparing good progress...overall satisfied pero nahilo din ako.pag sa mata ka pala tinamaan ay tempo ka parang mabubulag...split seconds..hehehe

Anyway, end up my night by inviting the Master in my Flat together with two students.
Show them my place for personal 1-1 training +1+1 other students na ako magbabayad on their behalf.
Di sapat ang 3X per week na practice at training... araw at gabibihin ko na starting this Sunday!

And before that i will try to run 88km on Saturday split in three part...early morning 30km + afternoon lunch 20km + and after the boxing practice 38km....under 8.8 hours...

pero safety first...[para matuloy ang FIGHT!!!!!!

July vs Zernan
MIT-MC 1st Bantamweight vs Heavyweight Division 2008 Cup
August 03, 2008
Venue : TBD by Zernan V.
Video Sponsored by Master Denz aka Sensei (decline na dahil EU trip )
Taga Asar - Khare Aquino

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